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#1 Readstown Flea  Market:

  • 8' x 2' Wood Cubby Floor Space - $50.00 per month, with the second one half price!
  • 8' x 22' Floor Space - $125.00 Per Month

#2 Crazy Franks Readstown flea Market:

4 Foot Shelf Sections - 5 Shelves Per Space (down the aisles)

  • 1 Shelf Section - $35.00 Per Month
  • 2 Shelf Sections - $60.00 Per Month
  • 5 Shelf Sections - $125.00 Per Month

Cubby Floor Spaces

  • 8' x 3' - $60.00 Per Month
  • 8' x 8' - $100.00 Per Month
  • 8' x 10' - $125.00 Per Month
  • 8' x 12' - $135.00 Per Month
  • 10' x 12' - $150.00 Per Month


Steps To Success!

Being part of a permanent year round flea market is different then doing weekend outdoor flea markets.

A permanent flea market draws a different crowd that will come back to your flea market booth on a daily, weekly, or monthly visit to see what is new and different. The secret is to have something new and different for them to buy. The customer will visit your booth 2 to 3 times to see what is new and if they don’t find anything different or new, they will loose interest in your booth. Your booth is your store, take care of it, make it attracting and interesting.


  • Use your space wisely, maximize your space without junking it up.
  • Keep your space clean, make your displays attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Rearrange your space often, rearranging will give you a different look and will give your customers something new to look at.
  • Bring in new items as often as you can. Take markdowns on items that are not selling. Move that old stuff out, and replace it with something new. Use sale tags on sale price items.
  • Mix your lower price items with your higher priced items. Give your booth the bargain look! People like to find a bargain. Make your booth a treasure hunt.
  • Turn your tags up so the price is clearly seen. Put your best items in a good eye area. Your booth is your place of business, make it attractive and exciting, you will keep old customers coming back and attract new customers. Have some practical and useful items with other stuff.
  • Be a wise and practical buyer. Know the value of the items you buy. Buy as cheap as you can without losing a good item. Maximize your markup, and still give your customers a great deal. A good deal brings people back to your booth, and becomes your loyal customer.
  • Know what is hot. Check out local magazines, like Country Living and so on. Pay attention to what these magazines feature. Watch your local shoppers, know what is being advertised and know the value. Buy for as cheap as you can, sell for the most you can. Give the customer a good value, ask yourself before you buy it. Is it useful? Is it practical? Is it unique? Is it hard to find? Is it antique? Is it old? Is it in good shape? Is it attractive? Can you sell it? Most important, can you sell it at the right price, and still make money?
  • Spread your word about your store at the flea market. Tell your friends and neighbors, church or any other social club that you belong too. Use facebook and other social media websites, or whatever you can to advertise your store at the flea market. The best advertising is word of mouth. Let your friends know that you are looking for items to sell at the flea market, they may have some items you could sell.

Rental Agreement

Crazy Franks and The Readstown Flea Market is a month to month agreement. Vendors will pay first months rent before moving in. Vendors moving in after the 15th of the month, the rent shall be pro rated by 50%, you must pay for the balance of the month, plus the full rent for the next month. The flea market shall pay the vendors twice a month. First payment will be from the 1st to the 15th of each month, if the 15th fall’s on a Friday, the cut off day for the first half of the month will be the 17th, the checks will be out within 3 days of the 17th. The second payment will be from the last cut off date, either the 15th or the 17th, depending on how the previous Friday fall’s of each month. Any pay period ending on a Friday, checks will then not be ready until the following Tuesday, but reserves the right to take up to 5 days. All checks must be picked up in person, the flea market will not mail out any checks. Rent for the next month will be deducted out of your sales from the 1st to the 15th, and paid whatever balance is left. If the vendor has not made rent by the 15th, then the flea market shall hold all vendors money from the 1st to the 31st . If the vendor has still not made rent by the 31st then the vendor shall pay the flea market the balance by the 5th of the following month. In the event the sales do not cover the rent, the vendor will be notified. A $5.00 per day penalty will be charged if the rent is not paid in full within 5 days of notice.

Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market will deduct 2.5 % of the vendor’s total sales to cover credit card fees. This 2.5% total works out to be $2.50 per every $100.00 worth of sales.

Vendor shall not remove any merchandise from their space until all rent is paid in full. After 15 days of past due rent, the vendor will forfeit all merchandise to Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market. Vendor agrees to give Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market a 30 day notice in writing before vacating the space. Notice must be given on or before the first of the month, any part of the month will be considered as a full month of rent due.

Vendor agrees not to hold Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market or owners of Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market responsible for any merchandise lost, stolen or damaged, fire or any other acts of damage. Vendor agrees not to hold Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market or owners for any injuries while on the Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market property. Vendors will conduct all business at there own risk. Vendor will not sublet or share their space with any other vendor without permission from Crazy Franks or The Readstown Flea Market owner’s. Vendor agrees to maintain their own space and to stay in there assigned area.

All merchandise brought in must be saleable and in good condition and clearly marked with a brief description, your number and price attached to your items in a manner which the tag can easily be removed by the cashier. Also label if part of a set (example: pitcher & 4 glasses, pan w/lid or pan w/o lid). Large appliances, any pornographic items, drug paraphernalia, stolen merchandise, animals, birds, snakes and reptiles of any kind are not allowed to be sold. All used clothing and bedding must be inspected by the flea market, the flea market reserves the right to have these items removed if not approved. All merchandise, shelving displays, tables must be clean and kept clean. The flea market reserves the right to confiscate any of these items listed above.

The vendor shall be responsible for keeping his/her own income tax records and reporting.

We have an area for untagged items, any untagged items not claimed in 1 month will be forfeited… please check this area regularly. Thank you and good luck! 

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Readstown Flea Market

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